• Terry Renee'


This is coming from a woman that at one time was scared to speak up, had extremely low self esteem, was living out others dreams and perspectives in what others thought I should be, allowed others to dim her light, stiffled her, suffocated her, underestimated her, took advantage of her, abused and traumatized her mentally, physically, emotionally, just all of it.

Now she lives her life BRAVELY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY, with INTENTION and PURPOSE, learning all there is to be capable of LOVING herself where others did not, FORGIVING herself for not knowing any better, UNDOING and HEALING from all the trauma and pain, UNLEARNING all that has harmed me from being compared to others to misinformation, and more. She is now thriving for the sake of herself and others that do genuinely love her. She is taking in all there is and facing all the challenges on her journey of self love and self care, things she was unaware of for most of her life for being focused on survival and raising her family. She is learning how to accept herself for who she is and yet evolve and step into her destiny. She is grateful for all she has been through as it has and continues to make her stronger, wiser, determined. Loving herself so that she may love others properly. Embracing her imperfections.

She is me. I AM her.

#IEvolveDifferently #LivingAndBeingMeUnapologetically #SurvivorOfLife #LoveYourself #SelfLove #SelfCare #Grateful #GoddessLife #KnowYourWorth

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