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Just Breathe...

Just Breathe

Just Breathe when you rise in the morning and show gratitude for a new day

Just Breathe when you rest in the evening and recharge your body

Just Breathe when you feel butterflies in your stomach

Just Breathe when you meditate to exhale the bad and inhale the good

Just Breathe and take in the present moment

Just Breathe and remind yourself how powerful you are

Just Breathe and find the calm in the chaos

Just Breathe and keep the faith in all you believe in

Just Breathe

Just Breathe


-written by me, Terry Renee'

We all know how important it is to breathe because our lives depend on it. But how many of us know how simple breathing exercises can be beneficial to our well being? Did you know that breathing exercises can help to:

  • Reduce stress levels in your body.

  • Lower your heart rate.

  • Lower your blood pressure.

  • Improve diabetic symptoms.

  • Reduce depression.

  • Better manage chronic pain.

  • Better regulate your body's reaction to stress and fatigue.

  • Reduce the possibility of burnout for caregivers.

(According to

Breathing exercises can be done at any time. Times of stress and nervousness, during meditation, day or night, when doing yoga. Breathing exercises help in situations where you may need to slow down and feel in control.

While exploring all the options of breathwork to find which one meets your specific needs, here are a few techniques and practices to get you started:

  1. Mindful breathing. This involves becoming aware of your breath and focusing on it. It does not involve trying to change the way you breathe. However, the act of focusing on the breath usually slows down breathing patterns, making you feel more relaxed. As you focus on how air moves in and out through your lungs, mouth and nose, it becomes a form of calming meditation.

  2. Mantra breathing. This technique makes use of a mantra to help focus on your breath. A mantra is a phrase or word that you repeat to yourself to create focus. As you repeat it, you become able to relax and meditate.

  3. Square breathing. This employs visualization to create focus. As you inhale, visualize one side of a square. Then, visualize the next side of the square as you exhale. Repeat the process until you have imagined each side of a square.

  4. Nostril breathing. This technique can help to reduce agitation and anxiety. As you breathe you close off one nostril and take air in slowly through the other. Then switch, closing off the second nostril while breathing through the first. Repeat the process until you begin to feel calmer.

  5. Pranayama breathing. This cleansing breath method is used in the practice of yoga. Experts say that using pranayama has the power to clean 72,000 channels in the body. It involves inhaling with the mouth closed, then exhaling through the nose. This type of breathing technique can clean blood and clear your respiratory system. As a result, good clean oxygen travels to the heart and the brain.

  6. 4,7,8 Method. Developed by Dr. Andrew Weil, this breathing method helps you get to sleep. It is a simple and straight forward method. You inhale to the count of four, hold your breath to the count of seven, and then exhale to the count of eight. Repeat as needed.

  7. Belly breath. This type of breathing is easy to practice because you can feel your body taking in and exhaling air by the movement of your abdomen. Lie down on a bed or on the floor. Place one hand on your stomach and inhale slowly through the nose (notice the abdomen rising). As you exhale, you contract the abdomen muscles and push the air out of your lungs.

  8. The Wim Hof Method. This is a colorful and vibrant health perspective that is being validated by scientific studies. Wim Hof has developed a deep breathing practice that invigorates the nervous system. The goal is to reduce shallow breathing because it causes the body to oxidize and acidify. His technique takes a few minutes each day and has many positive outcomes for those who try it. You can tap into your body’s immune system and reset it. It's worth checking out for those who are feeling adventurous.


I enjoy using breathing exercises listening to my playlists on Spotify. You can always find something that you feel comfortable with on there. Or one can find something on YouTube under Breathing Exercises. A couple of playlists in particular that I listen to for breathing, meditating and affirmations are starting with my favorite:::


and finally,

These are just some of the tools I use when I rise in the morning to set the tone for my day and when I relax at night to recharge my soul for the next day. I even listen to them as I have my sacred self care moments with some incense and candles, saging the home. And to pick things up a bit, if I feel like bouncing a bit, I may even listen to this one:::

Who said you can't breathe, meditate and dance at the same time. It's all good for you mind, body, and soul. So how do do incorporate breathing exercises in your everyday life? What methods do you use? What resources work best for you in helping you?

Remember, in times of expressing gratitude and releasing stress...


Let's talk about it.

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