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Happy Sunday Goddesses...

How are you doing on this beautiful day? What makes this a beautiful day? You are here. Here to breathe, to love, to live.

Above is one of my favorite playlists on Spotify. I listen to many different types of music. But this one, like a couple of others, take me to a place, filled with healing, peace and love. They remind me of who I AM and where I AM going. They are reminders of what I have been through and what is yet to come.

Along with my playlist, thought I would share a video showing a little bit of what I call my room of many names...The Zone, The Lab, The Playroom, My Sanctuary. This is where it all goes down. Anything from creativity to dance.

Do you have a "special area" in your home that you can be at one with yourself? If not, if possible, try to create one. Even if it may be a spot in a room. Or perhaps, trinkets all through out your space, all rooms. I have crystals, plants and statues everywhere in my apartment. It's just nice to have something that can remind you of who and what you are, where you are going and the power you possess. Someplace that you can read, mediate, reflect, rest and reset. Even if it may be a couple or a few items like pictures of your ancestors, anything that makes you feel good and honor who you are.

Pictured: A frame equipped with a message. Never changed it. Adorned with a gift from one of my daughters, a charm necklace w/a picture of my mother and grandmother. One gave me life, the other raised me. Both a vital part of who I AM.

Some may have altars for what I am describing. That is in the works for me. I would love to have one that reflects everything about my journey, past, present and future as well as honoring those that guide me on my journey.

Enjoy this little video of my window setup. It's just a little part of my "space". Hope it brings you some joy in your day today and sets the tone for the week ahead.

Spread Love, Enjoy Life,


Song: XXI by Neptune XXI

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