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Being Me Doing Me Loving Me

Being Me

Doing Me

Loving Me

Being Me because that is all I know how to be and not anyone else imposing who or what I should be like

Doing Me because I deserve and desire all things that bring joy in my life and add to aspirations & goals.

Loving Me because sometimes, that is what it comes down to. Loving who I AM and becoming and all that I do.

-Terry Renee’

Sometimes, we go through so much that we need to “come home to self”. Come home to self to look at ourselves from inside out and/or the outside in. Comune spiritually and seek guidance and advice. To acknowledge all we have been through that led us to where we are right now. As always, I am taking time to re-evaluate things in my life from everything about myself & who I AM becoming to my business that I started from scratch and continue to run, despite the challenges. Appreciating my wins even if they look like losses to others. Blocking out all the voices and doubts that have been attacking me, expressing their doubts and whatever I do will fail, having no faith in me, my dreams or what I do. I AM and always will be a masterpiece in progress as I evolve & grow everyday.

Let's talk about it.

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